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Flaws in Raye's Philosophy

the flaw is the hiring of jimmy raye
You bring up a good point. Even though the D outnumbers the O in the box, you'd think the offense would want the least amount possible. This allows for more cutback lanes etc.

Raye is an idiot
Originally posted by tohara3:

I think I tend to agree. Sounds like we don't gameplan for anyone.. Seems like we just go in thinking we can run over everyone all day & we can't even get a few inches when we need them.

That is the beauty of Coach Singletary's football philosophy. It is for the other team to game plan and adjust to us.

The ownership appreciate coach Singletary's approach, it simplicity enable the organization to have the best value at OC position.
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by Leathaface:
Interesting take. I tend to agree with most of what you said.

I really don't think Raye thinks that hard about the numbers game and the probability of there being more error with more events involved but it absolutely makes sense.

I feel like Singletary has a strong hand in forcing Raye's game-planning so even if Raye understands that our formations are dictating our success, Singletary sure as hell doesn't. Raye seems like such a puppet. He wants to keep his OC job and so he does whatever the hell Sing tells him.

But back to the topic...I also believe that 7 vs. 6 forces the defense to be more transparent inside the box. When there are 8 guys crowding the line, it's hard to tell who's coming and who isn't...Alex seems to look more at the rush then at his WRs. Couple that with the fact that our O-Line can't seem to understand who to block against certain blitz packages, and you'll get negative pass plays and incompletions.

With less guys in the box (even if Alex is behind C and has 3 or 4 wide), I think it's a lot easier to see who's blitzing and who isn't. This has been discussed ad nauseam but I really think it's the issue with our offense/Alex.

You're probably right.

Singletary had a certain philosophy and he went out and brought an OC who could most closely match what he had in mind for an NFL offense.

It makes me wonder whether or not we gameplan for opponents. Week in and week out, I see the same bland formations and playcalling.


This, is a scary thought.

But isn't that part of the "smash-mouth" game plan; "We don't care what you do, we are just going to run the ball down your throat." If you follow this line, then, yeah, they don't need to game plan opponents.. Wow, stupid scary
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