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Who wants to go to the game this week??

theres a tailgate? where at?
Originally posted by footballfreak49:
theres a tailgate? where at?
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footballfreak check ur pm
Originally posted by footballfreak49:
Here's my problem:
I moved to the city about 2 months ago and bought two season tickets. Unfortunately the few guys I go to the games with are all out of town for the holidays.

Sooo I don't want some old man to go with me. If you're in your 20s, a diehard fan, and you want to go to the game this weekend let me know.

The seats are at the 30yd line, first row of the upper bowl, visitor side.

Right on man, I actually like your take on going to the game with your own age group. last thing you want is an old man like me who' gonna b***h and moan the whole time about how sh*ty our management and the team is. More power to you brother.
I'm down, my 22nd birthday is on Sunday .
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