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Ya'll Gotta READ THIS s**t HERE...

QB is not our problem anymore. These are:

~ Ultra conservative offense. Afraid to throw the ball.
~ Lack of continuity.
~ Lack of 2 or more years in the same system for Alex. That's when Urban Meyer said he really takes off. But we give him a new O.C. every year and probably will this year also unless we are smart and keep Raye. At this point any coordinator he could keep for 2 years would be good for Alex.
~ Lack of Spread Sets. Face it the greatest success Alex has had has been in that formation. And his success and familiarity with it in college also makes it the ideal fit for him.
~ Lack of pass rush on D.
~ DB's suck since Clements went out.
~ No KR / PR (Thanks sing).
Originally posted by ninerfan818:
Yet his inabvility to put together 4 quarters of good football is why none of that is translating into WINS.

Yes...I guess the D has been playing outstanding despite the offense
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