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Is our team better than its record?

Is our team better than its record?

Yea we are undefeated in moral victories.
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Originally posted by backontop:
Yea we are undefeated in moral victories.

Only if we were down by 20 from the start of the game. Then we would have enough time to come back every game. Either that or we would be racking up the passing stats.
Originally posted by cNiner:
We R what our record is !

we have an OC issues
OL issues & HC that thinks we r a smasouth running team
which we R not We R spread O team ! So untill our
HC relizes this we R out of the playoffs !

Playoffs? we can't do diddly poo and you're talking playoffs?
i think we play better than our record but we finish the way our record shows.
Anyone remember the Fins from a few years ago? They went 1-15 but a LOT of their games against tough opponents were really close games. We all know what they were able to do the following year and they're still doing it without their best player this year. I think we'll be fine but people are just complaining about the wrong things. Our biggest issue is our offensive line play, our second biggest issue is our offensive playcalls. Fix both of these things in the off-season and we have the best team in the West.
Originally posted by bigmike55:

We should have won vs. Minnesota (damn you brett fart)

We should have beat the weak a** Titans, but Alex Smith couldn't even do that.

We could have beat the Packers but Alex Smith threw for 5 yards in the first half and our Oline stunk it up almost the entire game.

That's 7 WINS we COULD have had.

But could've should've would've... We have some work to do.

You acknowledge the o-line sucks, but still put the Packers loss on Alex... never mentioning the defense.

That makes you a drinker of Smitty-

Have a great day.
If you include the coaching staff as part of the team, then we are as we are!

If you are asking could this group of players do better with better coaching then of course the answer is yes we could.

To make the next step and say we need a coaching change is pretty obvious, the question then becomes how drastic, new offensive coordinator, yes, new Head coach, yea I think so, but can Sing be Salvaged, looking rather doubtful, he just lacks honesty and vision, guys like Sing don't change.

We have talent to be better; but, they way this group is playing, I'd have to say No...
We could have lost to ARZ, SEA, and CHI. Maybe we are worse?

no way.
No we aren't. We are a middle of the road team with middle of the road talent. right now. We are probably playing slightly above our heads as it is. Look at who we lost to:

Colts, Vikes, Texans, Titans, Falcons and Packers. ALL of those teams are up for playoff contention except for the Titans and they have won 4 in a row. We're young and although we have some dynamic parts we also have some glaring defeciencies! We want to blame the coach yet hes the one that has given us the hope to be angry. we are in a quandry because we don't know if its the QB or the O coordinator so we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. I HOPE AND PRAY that Alex is the answer but my head tells me he isn't. Every team that beat us has a better QB than we do except for Tenn. This next game will let us know a lot, IMO, about the direction we are headed.
Our team is better than the record shows. Our coaches need to step up the game plan in the first half instead of waiting till we are down 21pts in the second half to become aggressive. What happened to the smash mouth he was talking about. You have to start the game that way not wait till you are down.
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Saying we are a good 4-6 team doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
You are what your record says you are-Parcells.

Hate the guy but he knows his stuff.

I wish Bill Parcells was our coach
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