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The Most Dangerous Team In The NFL?

Call me crazy, but I seriously believe that we are the leauges most dangerous team. We might not have the wins to show for it, but alot of teams we've played have lost very good players due to serious injuries, for example: Seattle-Hasslebeck(fractured birdcage), Lofa Tapupu(out for season); Texans-Owen Daniels(out for season);Colts-Bob Sanders(torn bicept);among others, and on Sunday, the Packers lost two Pro Bowlers in Harris and Kampman. Again we might not have a great record, but we WILL kick your poor donkey A$$!!! So watch out for these 49ERS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If by that you mean our fans should be put on suicide watch...that kind of dangerous...then yeah, I agree with you.
yea watch out we're real dangerous. While your kicking our asses up and down the field we will some how magically make you pull up with a knee injury.
someone's been sippin back grandpa's old cough medicine
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