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Does anyone know Jed Yorks personal email?

I would love to have it so that we could all send him an email and let him know how we feel (keeping it civil of course) I think the voice of the fan needs to be heard! I dont feel Singletary is the man for the job and we all know Raye is Hostlers role model...enough said! York said he wants to turn the team around and run it like his Uncle did, well start by bringing Shanahan back home! We have plenty of offensive weapons that Shanahan could excel with, maybe even Alex short term... all im saying is im frustrated with the exact same result year after year! We should have improved by now to at least make the playoffs ONCE in the past 7 years...
Fans and civil don't go in the same sentence around here. I doubt his personal email address is out there but i'm sure there is someway to contact the team
Well all this is extremely frustrating for everyone... just need to let him know from the fans POV Singletary isnt the answer especially when there are top notch proven coaches out there!
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It's times like these that I would visit Dump York -- but the powers that be moved on a long time ago. They saw the writing on the wall and just gave up.
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