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Let's say we would have stopped Green Bay

But if we play some sort of football in the first half we probably win this game easily.
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Originally posted by ApatheticIAm:
If we stopped GB and forced them to punt, then drove down the field to score the game winning go ahead TD, would you all be chirping the same tune about Sing? Sing made some mistakes no doubt, but it was the defense that let HIM down. A few calls go our way (fumble, challenge) and we would have won. Support Sing!

While probably true, to be fair, you cannot ignore that both sides of the ball came out flat and that the offense put the defense back on the field for too many plays in the first half, which happens when you have 1 first down and 50+ yards of offense in the first half with 40+ of those yards coming on 1 play.

As much as we can all remember Joe's comebacks, the truth is it is hard to come back from large deficits in the NFL, even more so on the road. Being down 21-0 or 23-3 at the half on the road, is not a formula in the NFL for long term success.

If Singletary's strength is going to be his ability to motivate his players and get them to play harder and smarter than the other team, you can't come out flat, get behind and then try to make a furious rally at the end.
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