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2010 Free Agene Quarterback....

Jason Campbell:
46 games
61.0 completion %
9,368 yards
45 touchdowns
32 interceptions
81.6 QB Rating

Alex Smith
37 games
55.5 completion %
5,714 yards
28 touchdowns
38 interceptions
66.5 QB Rating

I cannot believe that people still believe that Alex Smith is the answer. It has been 5 years. Injuries, coaches, o-line, talent, make your excuses. He is not the answer. We will continue to lose games if he is the QB. Alex has had so many opportunities, yet he always seems to let us down. I would like to see Nate Davis start once we are officially eliminated from the playoffs, but it may take some time for him to develop. I woule like to see Davis learn behind a quarterback. There are not many choices for this comin year, but I say bring in Campbell, and let Davis learn under him. Oh no, here comes the criticism........
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I can't believe that you believe Jason Campbell is the answer.
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