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Don Banks' Alex Smith comment

Originally posted by DaNiners:
Please stop comparing Smith to Rodgers. Rodgers is an Pro Bowl QB and Smith is a QB who did not complete a pass until 2 mintues left in the 2nd Quarter. Even our HC admitted that the second half is a bit of a mirage because defenses tend to play a bit looser when they have a big lead. Also, Rodgers has the worst OL in the league this year and he still has All Pro numbers. He lost half is line and did not get two of those players back until this week (against us).

Until Smith shows he can make the plays when everything else around him breaks down, he is nothing but a stand-in until next years draft (or Davis begins to show his worth). As Billick stated yesterday, great QB's make plays regardless of excuses or problems...they find a way to get it done.

That first -half by Smith was some of the worst football I have ever witnessed in my life. For Smith to pass for 5 yards is pitiful (I believe it was acutally -7 total passing yards with sacks). Also, the interception was ALL HIS. He had time to throw and threw a terrible pass, which effectively cost us a chance to win the game. The defense actually held GB to no points in the second half if you take away the interception and GB starting at our 20.


God you Smith haters can't quit. The first half QB play wasn't the worse I've seen. Not even close. Throwing 7 times and getting 2 completions isn't good but isn't the worse I've seen.

Of course the Smith haters will makeup crap like the defense was playing soft etc. when they were still blitzing and not playing prevent d.
I know this much we have only won 1 game since Smith became the starter and he looks good throwing the ball at times but really, at some point you have to stop making excuses for him. We do need a better offensive line but then we do have talented players to throw to such as Crabtree, Davis, and Morgan.
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