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Demetric Evans, the forgotten man

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I think our defense is playing pretty well without him.

You think Lawson and Parys are playing well huh?

lawson may not be getting the scks but he is pressuring the QB well and making some good plays i have no problem with lawsons play, Haralson isnt playing that great

I don't know val, I would consider pressuring the QB as getting there before the QB wants to throw the ball. Lawson seems to arrive just after the QB comfortably throws the ball.

You must not watch a lot of games. Lawson creates pressure on the QB forcing him to adjust in the pocket and sometimes rush his throws. He has been one of the best OLB in the league against the run this season. But I guess you want that glory stat known as the "sack"
Demetric Evans at OLB? Rush the passer, sure why not. But do you really think he could drop back into coverage or cover a running back out of the backfield???? I don't think so.
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