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How Was Our Defense?

Originally posted by znk916:
Considering how bad Chicago's OL is, and the fact that Cutler threw 52 passes, all you really need to know is that we got 0 sacks. Basically, same old same old we can't stop the pass because we get no rush.

Some people will try to tell you that we got pressure, but outside of maybe a handful of plays, no one ever really got around their blockers to get a clean shot at him.

Also it was rather disturbing the way the Bears flew down the field on the last drive, although they did get bailed out by the ticky tack penalty on Bly on 4th and 10 to start it off.

Fail. He gave us picks, instead of sacks, he could've easily taken the sack several times, but tried to force the throws.
This game also demonstrated how overrated sacks can be when evaluating 3-4 defensive ends. The 49ers' Justin Smith dominated for stretches, creating problems for Cutler. And when the Bears lost left tackle Orlando Pace late in the game, Smith capitalized. Smith and nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin controlled the line of scrimmage. Manny Lawson also played a strong game

The 49ers, now 4-5, can get to .500 by beating the Packers in Green Bay next week. Their defensive front should be able to dominate that matchup.
Originally posted by 49ersfan80:
D-Line played excellent stuffing the run. I saw Ray McDonald put first round pick RT Chris Williams on his back on a pass rush. Justin Smith played a typical Justin Smith game putting the heat on Jay Cutler on more than a few occasions and playing relentless football while also playing the run extremely well. Aubrayo Franklin and Sopoaga both did what they're asked to do and clogged their run gaps.

LB wise, Haralson's pass rush seems to have gone into the tank. His game seems to be beating the OT to the corner but has no inside counter move and didnt sniff the qb all game long. Lawson put a good lick on Cutler on the final drive but didnt do much on the pass rush either. Ahmad Brooks is in a lot more now and got one pressure. Matt Wilhelm had more big plays in todays game than spikes has all season. Willis was quiet for the most part today.

Why no sacks? Because 49ers dont have a pass rushing threat from their outside linebackers.

DBs were very good in spite of the yardage. Most of the yards seemed to come on the final drive where they were conceding the short pass and the screens to Forte which worked every time it was called. Most of Cutler's completions where him finding soft spots in the zone defense.

yeah a quite 11 tackles
Willis is the best LB in the league, no homer.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Willis is the best LB in the league, no homer.
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Originally posted by maximill15:
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Willis is the best LB in the league, no homer.

Over half of the yards passing came on screens to Forte and Hester. Along with short passes to the TE, which we have had trouble with all year.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Willis is the best LB in the league, no homer.

yep! Willis is the damn best LB in the league.. Whooo!!! Willis is real the 49ers!
Originally posted by King49er:
they sucked

They sucked for lack sacks!
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