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A "W" in the confidence column...

All about the numbers are we NT? 5 Interceptions and only 10 points?

I'll take that over a 5th straight loss....

Point being, it gives core guys like Franklin, Brown, and Goldson confidence. They now know that if the offense doesn't have it they can come through. And they did. Don't cheat these guys and just say "Cutler had an off day". If that's your excuse, these last 4 loses we had "off games". Feel better?

I think the offense was mediocre. I won't say bad. Gore has a great game. Huge pick ups and clutch cuts. You could see Jimmy Raye didn't want to put to much on Smith. And also, Bears defense came to play atleast 4-5 stuffs for them.

Either way guys, its a W. And gives us more of a chance to stay in it with Arizona.
im gonna give the niners a pass for today, im gonna blame it on them only having 1 day to prepare for the bears, but still that was horrible just getting 10 points out of 5 turnovers. I hope they come out firing against greenbay though with the extra time to prepare.
Yeah baby. Bears brought their season on the line with everything they had.



O.... Learned much more.

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