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Franklin in the last year of his contract

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Odd that he has really stepped it up this year, isn't it? What is it with these guys who don't perform until contract time, and do we re-sign this jackass?

As long as it's for an outrageous amount of money, I'm all for re-signing the guy. But we also need to look for a NT in the draft.

My thought exactly. WMcCloughan needs to find a good NT prospect in the second day of the draft.

It takes the typical DL about 2 full years in the league before they are able to make an impact. Sure there are exceptions (Peppers, Tommy Harris), but if we draft a NT this year, we can't realistically expect him to fill Franklin's shoes for quite some time.

We'd be better off pursuing Casey Hampton or Vince Wilfork if the price is right.
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