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a big feud between Sing and Cohn starting

Cohn and Sing were about to go at it. But in this feud, neither of them guessed the number one answer.
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This is being blown out of was nothing

I know some think this is blown out of proportion....but Sing called him out....not to sound all elitist but Sing his higher than this guy....he has more to lose than the reporter guy.......but Singletary told him to sit next to him next week and the week after and so on.....and then told him to ask the same questions (As if he is guaranteeing us wins)

Sing should have been smarter than that......He should have just kept it at "I know my players, I believe in my players" and that simple....who cares what the little media guy mumbles...

now what happens if Alex continues his turnover streak per game.....and we lose at home to the Bears who just got blown out by the Cards....

Cohn will sit right next to Sing, like he suggested, and egg him on....and I can see Sing going crazy......Hell he admitted to the media that he is not like other coaches....that he can't contain his composer after loses(WhyTF did he say that for?)........he acts as if the Media will kiss his arse or cares that he is a HOF player.....they don't, all they care about is a news story.

this is why it is a big deal....if we beat the Bears.... Coach might gloat...for this week....but that media guy will be there the next week hoping the team struggles...

ESPN will eat this up if Sing has another confrontation with that guy.
The weird obsession continues!

Cohn is not fooled by the DROPPED PANTS HALFTIME MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES or by the PEP RALLY TIMEOUTS. Neither am I. I see the results on the field and they speak for themselves.

this exchange was just great. just goes to show why there are so many losers in the world and few winners.
Singletary gets it.
Cohn stinks up the room with his negativity, Singletary makes him look like an irrelevant tool.

another fine press conference from the coach, and I believe he'll have us in the playoff hunt till the final week, at the least. Some more continuity with this essentially new offense is needed.

the bottom line is, look who this 'big feud' was between...just look at their names and level of success achieved by them...

You really think Sing would give a flying f**k if they lose and Cohn is sitting front row with the same questions..The people that think he would, I mean, really? You really think anyone whose ever reached the pinnacle of their craft accomplished what they did with the kind of mentality Cohn was expressing? That's real funny.

He will be a good coach because he is well-conditioned in attaining success. Just look at his record.

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ill take the total package....

yea sing got baited....rookie head coach.

at the end of the day...sing is a novice coach...we see it on the field every week.

still....this team HAS over achived and he is learning from his mistakes.
Dude, we just lost 4 IN A ROW. That's 1/4 or our season right there. I'm glad someone spoke up. If this were NY, Sing would get this every week. Sing is always about the "Don't tell me, show me" and he's been all about the "tell me" lately, and someone finally brought that to attention.
This Lowell Cohn dude is a jerk, plain and simple. He asked a question that he didn't really want an answer to. He keeps referring to Tom Cable in this article but the fact is the 49ers are playing better but just not good enough. I think the 49ers need a better quarterback and I think they need to move on from Alex Smith and I think the 49ers may have to just bring some new guys on defense, particularly at the defensive back positions. An impact defensive end would be great because look at Freeney, Jared Allen, Robert Mathis, and how many weaknesses are covered up by great pass rusher. My point is badgering Singletary will not lead to more wins and like Singletary I don't get the point of the question and what answer would you expect. If you want to vent then vent but if you want to ask legitimate questions then do that. I want to know why Justin Gage was so open he had enough time to stop and jump and make a catch deep down the field. Why couldn't we stop Chris Johnson but we stopped Adrian Peterson? Those questions may get on Singletary's nerves but at least he could respond.
I'll take Coach Sing for a knock out in the first round.
I'm sorry, I listened to the interview with this Cohn guy on KNBR this morning and sounds like a moron.

He kept complaining that Singletary doesn't follow his own mantra, "don't tell me, show me," by giving lots of motivational speeches, but not winning. What does he expect Singletary to do, just go to these press conferences and stand there silently and nod.
This is a worthless thread about nothing and Cohn knows dick about sports.

Lowell Cohn = Tim Kawakami's left testicle.

Kawakami has made a living in writing negative articles on all the Bay Area teams and it looks like Cohn is following in his footsteps.
this writer was a dick, he was pushing Sing's buttons, and then he went on to say that Sing jumped on him...what a prick.
Originally posted by SF69ers:
Lowell Cohn = Tim Kawakami's left testicle.

Kawakami has made a living in writing negative articles on all the Bay Area teams and it looks like Cohn is following in his footsteps.

Lowell Cohn=Poster X
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who the f**k is cohn?

He's some douche bag columnist.
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
who the f**k is cohn?

He's some douche bag columnist.

You're giving him too much credit. He writes for a news paper in Santa Rosa.

Ok everyone who does not live in Northern California, a quick quizz:

Q: Without looking at your map, where is Santa Rosa?

A: If you answered "who gives a sh*t?", you are correct.
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