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Willis pulled Alex aside after game ....

I'd rather he say, ''If you get another turnover, dinner is off.''
Originally posted by Nes49:
It does say alot.

All it says is that Willis is a smart man. Regardless of whether you really believe in him or not you are going to say you do. Because there is no one else. Willis knows Alex gives them the best chance to win and he knows a QB who is confident is ideal.

So, you say what you have to.
Wills made about 3 or 4 tackles that saved potential big plays and they were tackles most LB's cannot make in fact they are probably tackles only Willis could make!
IM glad he did that, alex needs to not second guess his play. HE is giving us more of a chance to win than shaun hill.

That duck throwing qb had me so frustrated, watching open wr's wait on passes, or have them drop 3 yards infront of them.
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