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We're Really a Middle of the Pack Pass Defense

actually i think our pass D would be alot higher if we actually DID NOT play some of the best QB's in the game. Hasslebeck is a very good passer, Warner...nuff said, Manning, Favre, Ryan is not bad at all. Not to mention we have faced some of the best wr's in the league as well. If we were in a different division (AFC west, East, and so on) our pass D would be alot better rated. That being said....even without a great pass rush to help our secondary, i still think we have one of the better secondaries in the league. We have done a great job against Hasslebeck, Warner Favre and Manning, which most EVERY other team but maybe the eagles could of done better....but then again, they have a great pass rush to help their DB's.

I don't see why more people use logic when making a judgement on a part of a team. It would be like saying a team has a average run D if they faced some of the best running backs and OL's in the league....
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I think we have a good defense, but our offense hasn't been helping very much. We held Peyton Manning to 4 FGs, and it took a RB passing the ball for them to score a TD. Yes, Manning drove up and down the field, but we held when we needed it most. Once the offense starts moving the ball consistently, the defense will only get better.
Hopefully the next few games will boost our ego. We have a lot of winnable games coming up. If we win the ones we are supposed to win, hopefully we can build up a head of steam and win some we shouldn't win. We have had three games that we were in until the last and we lost them. Hopefully we will get a few that come our way.
We need a crazy, stud pass rusher!
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