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What was your comfort level watching Smith play?

What was your comfort level watching Smith play?

The same comfort level as Scott and samurai sing
i was totally impressed with smith. I was actually hoping we would give him a better chance to succeed. You could see Raye got way too conservative after the interception, i think he was trying to preserve alex's confidence. I'm not sure thats a bad idea, but alex looked great. We better open things up with him this coming week.
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I wasn't very comfortable. I was uneasy he was going to his have shoulder planted into the ground by Mathis or Freeney. Nobody should be comfortable with him back there, with this o-line. We are teetering on the edge of saying goodbye to our QB, no matter who he is, only the next time he may not make it back.
I am always on edge during the game (ask my nails, wall, oscillating fan and remotes) but with Smith I am not really worried about him. He definitely is a different QB than he use to be. He seems like he is more careful with the ball than as a rookie plus he has better targets. He knows whats going on after all these years of studying and what he's been through has made him a better player. His arm strength is great for once having a severely separated shoulder and re injuring it.

P.S. He seems more like a leader know.

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Smith played as well as Raye's play calling allowed him to play. Raye's play calling was pretty much setting Smith up for failure. It was like Raye wanted Smith to be in 3rd and long situations. I read that in the 2 minute drill Smith was allowed to call his own plays. HELLO!!!!! earth to Singletary!!!! Let the kid call his own plays! He was extremely comfortable and effective.
I was never a big Alex Smith fan and pretty much wrote him off as a bust and a huge mistake. But I will admit I have been impressed with his play. Some of his throws have been downright amazing. What has impressed me the most is his pocket presence. The guy was completely lost before. But now he makes quick decisions and for the most part delivers the ball on the money. Not bad for a QB who hasn't played for 2 years.

But unfortunately we have a OC who's offensive play calling comes from the leather helmet days and a head coach who's philosophy is to nurse 2 point leads rather putting an opponent away. I rather see if this guy can get it done rest of the year rather than seeing handing the ball off to the f*cking fullback 8 times a game.
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