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Official Jimmy Raye WTF thread

Originally posted by haggard:
It should be simple: GO WITH WHAT'S WORKING!!!

We're choosing not to do that for what ever reason.
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Originally posted by RonMexico:

Don't forget the 3 runs with coffee vs the vikings when all we needed was a 1st down to win the game. Obviously the coaching staff learned nothing from that. How do you go into the half w/ the spread offense, have success, then clam up trying to protect a 2 point lead in the 3rd vs Peyton Manning? I blame Sing just as much as if not more than Raye. That tough guy act only goes so far.
Originally posted by RonMexico:

I truly hoped Raye was bluffing when he said that he wouldn't change the gameplan with Smith in there.

I was wrong. He's just as stubborn as Nolan.

We moved the ball great when we went to multiple WR, up tempo offense but for some reason Raye doesn't see this.

Originally posted by Chief:
Can we add the release of Rossum wtf in this also?

Raye and releasing Rossum is really screwing us up.

I was really depressed when they let rossum go. I am already in off season mode.
What I don't f**king understand is why we haven't tried one deep pass so far with Alex Smith in there. Not even once. Do a fake handoff to Gore running left, then have Alex rollout right with the ball and throw it down the damn field. Another one could be an I-Form Flea Flicker deep to Morgan, Davis, or Crabtree. Raye called a horrible game.
Originally posted by niners94:
Originally posted by RonMexico:


Even the announcers were like, "wtf, the niners need to spread em out and put alex in the gun." Horrible, 2nd half scheme. In the NFL, you can't get all conservative with a 3 or 4 point lead.

Take a look at the last drive from the Colts. They Dinked and Dunked us the whole way down the field, throwing on the majority of plays... with the lead! Is their any doubt that if we were in that same situation, Raye and Sing would ran the ball 3 times and punted?
I have lost count of OC's. I would be really surprised if raye returns next year as the OC.

yes! 2nd down there as predictable then any of the other downs! i feel this is turning into the chicago bears west and it flat out disgusts me!
I don't understand. The past 2 games we open up the offense and let Alex play to his strenghts, then we go back to conservative playcalling. The play calling lost this game today. We had a lead and didn't go for the kill just like in Minnesota
Originally posted by dald1:
i really hope norv gets fired then we hire him as our OC...raye's playcalling is just pitiful

like the idea but if he won't stay then it wouldn't help. if he leave AGAIN then we have a oc problem again
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
We take absolutely NO shots down the field. None at all.

The one that works for us - multiple WR set and up tempo offense - Raye only uses it when the we're done by 21 points or have to run a 2 minute drill.

Draw play on 2nd & 20. Truly WTF.


This and then some!
yes i hoping for norv turner to return too! he knows how to use alex smith ay least, and get him out of the pocket on some of his throws. we would be more explosive with him in there, then this old fart!
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