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M. Lewis and Bruce, what happen?

Originally posted by lamontb:
We all know Lewis sucks in coverage so I don't see da big deal you got a top 5 TE on one of da worse cover safeties & this what happens. You get what you pay for. bruce is just washed up

You said it perfectly.

Originally posted by YouGotGored:
To be honest I am impressed that M. Lewis is even playing.

Yeah, I feel the same.
Bruce is really starting to show his age. Those were a couple of bad drops.
M. Lewis is fine as long as nobody hits him in the head.

Bruce got old quick I think. After this season he is gone for sure. We could probably get a better player off the street the way he is running around now.
Originally posted by BSofSF:
Originally posted by Flash80:
Originally posted by luis1985:
Other than the Oline sucking, what happen to Bruce and M. Lewis? Bruce droped couple of passed and didn't seem to even try. As for Lewis he was horrible covering Clark and after the big play he gave up he didn't even try to tackle the guy.

The bad thing is that we have no one to really replace Lewis. IMO our FS should be a SS and Smith when he comes from the groin injury should be FS.

Bruce need to be benched. What you guys think?

I agree! If we wanna play an old guys, lets bring Rice back. I bet he still has game. We should start Morgan and Crabtee, as well as, give Jones more playing time!!

Crabtree, Morgan, Jones.

Crabtree, Morgan, Jones, Hill!
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