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How many dreads does Vernon Davis have?

How many dreads does Vernon Davis have?

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Originally posted by Ronnie49Lott:

Ohhh, snap!

And the 2009 49erswebzone award for Dumbest Thread Topic goes to…

LMAO!... M.Rob is a fooo! hahahaha... "how many dreads you got... 4.. 5?? hahahahaha!
Originally posted by jta854:
And the 2009 49erswebzone award for Dumbest Thread Topic goes to…

In all fairness, that was probably the 2009 Dumbest interviewing topic by M. Rob
Originally posted by teeohh:
Well Michael Robinson always seems to get on him about his dreads. Here's the latest Robinson Report, Halloween special And I'm getting a little tired of all this Alex Smith talk so it's time to talk about Vernon's dreads.

How many does he have?


You must be bored as hell! Does anyone really care how many dreads VD has?
Does Michael Robinson really care? I don't care just thought we needed to switch it up from what Obama, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Lebron James has to say about Alex Smith this week

lighten up this isn't a serious thread so why are you all trippin
He has a plethora of dreads.
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
How many hairs does Isaac Sopoaga have on his scrotum?

Originally posted by B650:
All I care about is how many TDs he has.

Originally posted by B650:
Originally posted by Allx9er:
so this is a free thread.......right?......right??

I wonder how many split ends she has?

the guy in the background sure is having fun looking up.
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
Whoever voted less than 10 is not a true 49er fan..

How does that make someone a lesser 49er fan?
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