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No sacks allowed in 2nd half

Originally posted by BuZzB28:
Originally posted by pakalolo2005:
I think we need to pay OL more money than QB's, WR's, RB's, DL's, LB's and DB's. It all starts with the OL. They protect QB's that throws to WR's or RB's. I always believe it starts with the OL and they deserve more money than all the divas!!!

hmm!! you have good questions with this! I remaind when i was reading the newpapers about cowboys paid the OL more moneys and protect to T. Romo QB with cowboys. I live in Texas but i am still a 49ers fans since 91 all years!

thinks sometimes I we need OLine beasts like Willis beasts defense. Then we be right direction for ring of super bowl
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Yup, no sacks is what happens when you have crap for an OL, and suddenly you switch to a QB who can get rid of it quicker, plus has some mobility. That still didn't keep Baas from being shoved back into alex on the last play of the game. To repeat:
We have 2 first rd picks, and need two starting OLs, even if one is OG. ADDITIONALLY. we need an all pro OG or OT in FA. There will be one, there almost always is. Last yr it was Faneca, yr before it was Dielman (SD), several yrs before it was Hutchinson (SEA to VIKES), etc. McCLOWN has screwed up by not paying Smiley $5mil/yr as opposed to $4mil/ yr, and now he blocks for the #1 rushing offense in nfl.
Yo scot, when are you gonna wake up and get us 3 starting O linemen. Baas, heitmann, snyder, wragge are all great subs...but not starters. Pashos, Sims...they don't have it either. We need 3, THREE, starters on our OL. Staley is solid, Chilo needs a decent OL coach(we need an all pro OL coach also), and then we need 3 starters. Forget the 2nd and 3rd rds. We need 2 OLs in first rd. And forget the BPA. We already got a shedful of tweeners, that aren't starters. No mas. Please.

I would love to get a young RT and LG and a veteran RG to help teach Chilo. I still think Chilo can be good but i'm with you we need 3!
I want to know were Wragge is. Just like Dahl we dont give him a chance. I think Wragge is better than Baas and Rachal at this point.
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