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What we learned in Houston

It's pretty clear that we need a punt returner.
That we need to see more 4 WR sets with Bruce, Crabtree, Morgan and Davis and Alex Smith at QB
We still have issues early in games and truth be told, that's mainly on the coaches not prepared.

We are still playing reactionary.
Originally posted by Dshearn:
thats a bad sign....

we have all seen this before

if a team gets that large of a lift from a back-up qb coming really shows there is deep deep problems.

we have all seen this before.....

steve bono in for young almost lead to young being traded to green bay they just could not secure the right dradt choice. that was not a boost from a back up more like the rallyed around him to help bono.

tim rattay in for garcia rattay looked like a world beater

ken dorsey in for rattay...dorsey look great.

shaun hill in for alex smith or jto.....hill looked like a franchise qb

i think its great to see the franchise qb have his best game ever..i just hope sing can keep the team at the same level they were at in the second half.

IMO, S. Hill has never looked even close to anything that even resembles a franchise QB
We learned Smith can make way more throws than Hill(already knew that). We learned that Morgan and VD can still make plays, they just need the ball(already figured that). We learned that you can't put your defense out there with no help from offense(Time of posession/points) and special teams(field position) and expect them to hold up. We learned that the OL sucks, but it helps to have a QB with mobility.

I kind of think that we should go with a split backs formation sometimes. It gives the QB extra protection on each side, Gore and MRob are great in blitz pick up, and both of them can go out to catch passes too. Then split Vernon out wide in the slot with Crabtree and Morgan on the outsides. Spread the whole field but you have 7 guys protecting the QB, and you have the option of having between 2 and 5 recievers out there. I don't remember what team I was watching, but I know a few teams out there like Atl use a 2 back set to help protect the QB a lot, and the team I was watching kind of did this. I dunno, something to think about I guess. It takes a lot of the predictability out of the offense too. We need to really open it up to play to Alex's strengths. Also when we get the defense spread out, there's all sorts of running lanes for Gore.
Originally posted by English:
And get a new O line (or three fifths of one, anyway)

LOL!!! yes we need a new o-line badly. these guys are pathetic!
VD is legit. For all you haters...guess who leads the league in TD receptions? And that was with Captain Noodle Arm McDuck at QB.

I've been saying a lot let his pass catching develop. His blocking was stellar and now he is a legitimate threat.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
here's what i learned.


next we'll they'll teach you to add those 2 numbers.
Originally posted by cNiner:
we are not, WE ARE NOT A POWER RUNNING TEAM, we have the WR's so spread them out and sling it and want to move the clock perfect the screen pass !

yes but at the same time we must get frank g involved running the ball ,giving him 20-25 touches a game will make our spread offense effective
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