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Why is San Diego49er criticizing the team so much?

Genuine concern? Hates Sing and his regime? Just to draw attention? Playing Devil's advocate?

Two huge threads on why the team won't make the playoffs and why Singletary sucks.

Wtf? I know we demand perfection for the 49ers but no team is perfect and we're still polishing the mirror of our greatness. Let Singletary finish the season before we fry him to a crisp. He's 9-6 in his first 15 games...if we win on Sunday it's a 10 win season for the big dog.
We're called the Whiners for a reason
Why not send him a pm and find out?
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I was going to post a thread on the same thing...I'm pretty tired of seeing his repeated threads on everything negative about the niners. He doesn't say anything positive.

If you look at his name...he's probably a Charger fan, and should be banned.
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