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TE Usage - Denver and Scheffler

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Scheffler = better hands than VD and better route running. It's not even close.


but in production...

in 5 games Vernon has more TDs and more receiving yards....

where as Scheffler has played in 6 games....and is in a much better offense.
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Now a days it seems every team has a stud TE's. When only ten years ago it was Tony Gonzalez and a whole lot of blocking TE's.
You also have to consider the Broncos have Brandon Marshall as a big time threat at the WR position. The Broncos also have some other receivers that can make plays and are a threat, leaving the TE Scheffler as the guy flying under the radar that no one seemed to care much about, leaving him open on a lot of plays. I'm sure the Chargers didn't go into the game with the priority to stop Scheffler.
Originally posted by ginseng1000:
maybe opponents game plan against Brandon Marshall and Ed Royal leaving Scheffler free to run wild...

where since our WRs don't scare anyone, teams playing against us may focus their attention on Vernon...

just my 2 cents...

I agree and want to add that Denver has a better Oline then the Niners.
first of all, vernon is one of our biggest weapons so teams take him into consideration when game planning.

secondly, brandon marshall and eddie royal draw a lot more attention than a tandom of the veteran bruce and a developing morgan.
they have an offensive minded HC also, so run run run isn't the philosophy
Scheffler is not a true TE in the sense of the position. He's more a pseudo-WR.

Delanie Walker plays a more similar role to Scheffler than Davis.

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