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With a 3-0 division record I still feel pretty good.
Originally posted by SanFranAddic:
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
It's only week 6 and "WE" had a bye.

Lets discuss this in the second half of the season.

I think you missed the point of the question entirely.

The question is "how are you feeling about our chances to win the division and make the playoffs right now?"

Still pretty damn good. If Crabtree is able to take at least *some* attention from Frank that will be very, very good for him. Hill needs to keep the Int's down and the Defense needs to assure us all that last week was an anomaly. Whoever said that the only reason we're vying for a playoff spot is our weak division is right, but hell I'll take it.
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We're still in the driver's seat with the tiebreaker, and although we won't sneak up on them in our next matchup it's at home and I think we've got a GREAT shot at sweeping them. Plus, Warner has been inconsistent thus far this year (much like last year actually before the playoffs).

We don't need to worry about Arizona, we just need to worry about correcting out own issues and we'll take this division.

I agree
As of right now we have 114 votes and 74% are still confident we are making the playoffs!

Originally posted by SanFranAddic:
As of right now we have 114 votes and 74% are still confident we are making the playoffs!

i THINK there's a bias for some reason...

PS I voted that
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Originally posted by Joecool:
Too bad the Cards are 1-1 in the West and we are 3-0.

But they are an impressive 2-0 on the road.

yea the jags look real tuff
Originally posted by Chief:
It's not a tie.

It still kind of is until all division games are complete.
This race is gonna be close all season between us and the Cards and the difference may be the Monday night game in San Francisco. Our schedule gets pretty tough from here on out and the Cardinals definitely has the weaker schedule. the yalso have the offense to hang with Atlanta and the Colts where we do not, however they are #1 against the run but 22nd against the pass.
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This Houston game is becoming a must win for us. We have to keep pace with Arizona
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Niner have the tie breaker for right now I think

we do

hopefully the giants beat the cardinals and we beat the texans, we must!
No loss is okay right now.

The Cardinals could win just as many as we likely will, if not more. We must step it up.
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Seriously...we have our work cut out for us... I was just looking at the Cards and Seahawks schedules, and they both have significantly easier schedules than us.
Singletary has to fix the oline issues and open up the playbook a little. Whoever the QB is has to have time to throw and try to stretch the field. The offense looks like its in the red zone all the time because we only use passes that are 20 yards or less .
we're 3-0 in the division

ugly birds are 1-1 in the division

seagulls are 1-3 in the division

and billygoats are 0-5....

lets worry when they have a better record and a better division record folks!
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