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TMQ on 49ers

Easterbrook has a few 49er-centric items this week:

Speaking of the MNF game and a guard the 49ers couldn't bother to keep: "And if you like enthusiastic offensive line play, you liked this contest -- especially guard Justin Smiley of Miami, who looked like John Hannah in orange." You have to wonder how well David Baas might do elsewhere once we let him go at the end of the season.

Here, while he's talking about the consistency of offensive output over the last 50 years, he may as well be describing Jimmy Raye's boys: "the core issue is not what tactics are used but how good the players are." Hmmm...ya think? Keep pluggin' away Scottie...we'll get there some year.

Finally, in the piling-on category: "...Dre' Bly, you are guilty of the single worst play of the season -- so far."

It's all right here:
Yeah, it really hurt to watch Smiley look so good on Monday. I think we have a classic case of putting the cart ahead of the horse here; to dominate on the ground like we want to do we nee an O-line....and we don't have one worthy of the task. Anyone who watches Miami sees the kind of ground game we aspire to have--they WILL their way down the draft has got to be o-line, o-line, o-line. And maybe a QB and Ndamakong Suh, lol.
We really need our O-line to get it together
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