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Gore is our centerpiece, Don't Forget!

I love Frank the Tank, but those f*ck'n ankles of his...
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Originally posted by mikeyc2281:
Everyone is going to hate me after i say this, but really... I think we should trade Gore... He just seams to get hurt a lot... maybe while his stock is high....

I don't hate you. I agree with you somewhat. Our "Bell Cow" isn't very reliable. And maybe we're too dependent on him. I'd feel better having 2 RBS to depend on. Even better if they had different running styles.

We have 3 hammers in our toolbox (Gore, Coffee, & Robinson) not much variety in style there. And only one of them really deserves carries.
Originally posted by B650:
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Last year some of the beat writers brought up the fact we were something like 2-7 when Gore DNP or did not finish a game due to injury. Well this year we are 2-0 with him and 1-2 without him.

The commentators opened the game yesterday before Hill's INT by saying that Gore makes the offensive line better. Its pretty obvious he makes the QB position better and the WRs see more openings due to more people in the box.

Yesterday we got beat by a faster team, who has all the parts we want to have in a year or two. If anything people need to realize, hope, and if you do: pray that Gore is healthy for the rest of the season. I was happy we drafted Coffee but he needs to develop into an NFL back. If anyone wants to research that record and correct me go ahead, but most of all just realize the team will be different with Gore back in the line up.

All we need is 6 more wins to have a legit shot at the playoffs and playing (Tenn, Jax, Stl, and Det) we need to continue to get better and win the games we are favored and play hard in the games were not. Go Niners!

We had Gore in for the Arizona game. Result: 30 yards rushing. I don't think Gore makes much difference, to be honest with you. Right now Barry Sanders wouldn't even be a factor the way our OL is playing. Outside of the Seahawks game, the run game has been HORRIBLE. Worst I've seen it this entire decade. Even when we were losing, we had Charlie Garner tearing up defenses. I'm just being realistic. The reason we lost wasn't because of Glen Coffee. If Frank Gore was playing, we would've still lost to the Falcons. You give up that many sacks and can't stop the opposing defense, you won't win the game.

we had Gore in Arizona, result: 2 TDs! he scored all our tds the last two games and even though the OL does need work, he is self proclaimed patient enough to find seems.
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