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Bench Shaun HILL!!!!!!

im sorry, but with our offensive line, we need a more mobile quarterback... the bottom line is were are not gonna go far with just a "game manager".

I dont usually call for a quarterbacks head after a single game, but ive been saying this even through our wins..

I also agree that our play calling has been horrendous.

I SAY WE PUT IN ALEX SMITH, or just spend some money on a good QB in the FA or a trade..
OUR team is very good, but thats our missing link..
bench the whole team and put in the practice squad
Our missing link is the not existance of an O line. This line has major issues at the guard position, RT.
Only halfway settled positions are C and LT.
I've always wanted to do this:


Heaven forbid you badmouth THE Shaun Hill.
Originally posted by rxrunner:
bench the whole team and put in the practice squad

normally im very against jumping ship on a quarterback...

but after a blowout at home, and you go 8 for 29 at one point in the game....gtfo off my football team...

i dont remember the last time i felt this s**tty after a loss...had to be either the chiefs or bears game in 06..
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