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Wedding at the Team Hotel, Marriott in Burlingame...

Man... What a night... So my whole family is at a wedding of a cousin of mine tonight at the Marriott in Burlingame by the SF airport tonight... The long time team hotel of the Niners... so I'm gettin my drink on in the cocktail reception waiting for the ballroom to open and people to be seated... and my cousin tells me a bunch of big dudes are by the escalators walking to a meeting room and he thinks they are Niners. So I go out and I see no one... its dead, but a hotel security employee is posted there. There were 2 weddings there that night, my families wedding, and a crackin ass latino wedding...

So just as I'm about to walk back into the ballroom because I don't see anything interesting, a big ass guy is walkin down the hall... soon enough I'm able to make him out. Buzzin and everything I yell out "HEITMAN!" and he looks at me and yells out "Is that you?" and then he's like nevermind... and I walk up to him and I'm like "Oh man, die hard niner fan bro... Vegas got you guys favored by 3..." and he goes "No s**t??" lol so we chat a bit and I'm like... can i snap a pic with u real quick? and he's like do it fast cuz the security doesn't want us to do this... so that's when I get this...

Then I'm like f**k the wedding... I can't go back now... Heitman told me a meetings starting and he's always early... I had to hang out and see who was next... next thing u know... Sapoaga comes out of a door that looked to be a banquet kitchen. I guess the hotel lets players go through there so they have as little public exposure as possible... So I start talking to Isaac and I tell him a bunch of my boys are Samoans from the City... and he knows some of them... and I'm like, "How many sacks for you tomorrow?" and he goes... "Probably like 5!" and I couldn't contain my laughter... I mean he's good but 5 sacks?? So I told him I was gonna be at the game tomorrow and he told me to get in early and walk down to the sideline, and he would come over and say hi.... anyway... that was when I got this...

After that... the security guy comes up to me and is like "Look I know you're here for a wedding which is why I can't tell you to leave. I don't mind you standing here and talking to them as they walk by, but please don't take pictures or bother them"
I respected that... but man... after Soap left... I saw HELLA more Niners... Here are my breif interactions with the rest that I saw...

Nate Clements came out of the Kitchen and I go "Nasty Nate!! Wassup man? Pick 6 tomorrow??" and he goes... "Fa Sho!" and he gave me some "daps" (fist to fist)

After he walked into the mtg room... Shaun Hill came out. He was tall and wearing blue jeans and a denim button up. Total cowboy. He was looking at the floor and seemed kind of focused. So I go "Wassup Hill... big win tomorrow..." and he goes "I hope so man"

After Hill goes into the mtg room... i saw Nedney... he walked by pretty quick and I couldn't talk to him... but then came Arnaz Battle and some big dude I didn't recognize... I shook Battle's hand and told him "First td of the season tomorrow?" and he held up his fist as he was walking away and said "Right on!"

After that I went back in and ate dinner... and my cousin called me and is like, get out here right now... I didn't get there in time... cuz he saw Patrick Willis... and he saw Isaac Bruce walking with none other than Crabtree. He said that a bunch of OG latinos from the latino wedding saw Crabtree walking by and they were givin him s**t... like "f**k crabtree!!! Booo!!" lol I thought that was uncalled for... but f**k man...I was pissed I missed the rest of them...

So after that... I came back out... and we got past security and went downstairs to where the mtg room was... but all the players were upstairs by now... but I did see Carlisle, the strengh and conditioning coach... and I chatted with him for a while...

After that we went to the main bar in the lobby and saw Gary Plummer and said hi and shot the s**t with him for a few as well... man it was like Niners everywhere i looked... I almost wanna go there the Saturday night before every home game! It was nuts...

Anywayz sorry if this was long, drawn out... and hard to understand... I'm still a bit buzzed, but the best wedding I've been to in a LONG time by far!

I gotta get to bed though... I got a game to go to tomorrow!!!


Fun Night!!!
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If it weren't for the pictures, I'd think you were full of it .

Good stuff, bro!
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Originally posted by Imfasterrthanurr:

If it weren't for the pictures, I'd think you were full of it .

Good stuff, bro!

I made SURE i had pics this time... cuz no one bought my Kentwan Balmer story at NV in sf last year lol... i'm sure i left alot of conversation out.. I actually talked with heitman and soap for about 5 minutes each... it was a fun night...
I don't believe ya.

The pics are all blurry and photoshopped.

Thanks for sharing

That is seriously one of the most awesome stories I have heard. You are one lucky dude.
that's awesome dude. I guess we all should start to crash weddings at the marriot before gameday.

Oh man didn't run into ANDY LEE though? haha
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Who was giving Crabtree a hard time? I bet you they were Raider fans who bought Heyward-Bey jerseys.
I bet the jerks at the other wedding were Raiders f*gs. -I don't know a lot of 49ers fans that would have the lack of decency to 'publicly' yell that at Crabs within a respectably open space (even after the entire holdout mess).
Originally posted by ION2814:
that's awesome dude. I guess we all should start to crash weddings at the marriot before gameday.

Sounds like a plan to me! See you after the bye week
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