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Should we let the tampering of Crabtree go, as suggested?

Originally posted by ads_2006:
If its indeed true,

its affects the whole league, not just the 49ers.

Crabtree was a draft pick, when other teams start interfering with your draft pick (and telling him they will give him a big contract if the player sits out) its going to ruin the league.

Forget that s**t.

If it wasn't for the Jets, Crabtree would have probably signed before pre-season at least.

Only when Deion opened his mouth, did i then realize that the holdout made sense.

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I want a draft pick.
Make the Jets pay his signing bonus, then I'll drop it.
I say hell no we don't drop the charges
anyone else notice that not a SINGLE DAMN football website is discussing the tapering charges? Ive seen some guys call out PFT. Florio is the only one bringing this to light. and with his blog itll reach aLOT of people. meaning the league will gauranteed take this seriously.

I know hes the guy who said Bradshaw was dead. but since then hes the first to call out Saban before the guy quit. the first to call out Vick and the dogfighting before it hit big. And hes the first one to call the Jets out for tampering with us. I hope this guy keeps churning out these posts. Gonna force Commish to do somthing.
If the tampering is legitmate (which would explain a lot) then the Jets should be nailed for this. They cost the Niners the use of the their #1 through the first four games of the season and which probably means that they won't get much out of him this season. If the Jets get away this then it is open season for any draft pick to be encouraged to hold out by promises made by teams like the Jets that they will sign them to a better deal. If proven, I would like to see the Jets GM (who seems to have a pattern of ignoring the rules) suspended or, better yet, canned. I also wouldn't mind seeing the Niners get a high pick from the Jets.
hey did guys hear?

We play the Falcons tomorrow, I swear, I'm not jokin around, see for yourself

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Why should we let the tampering go? Makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would you turn down a potential draft pick?
Hell no don't let it go. I want to see Rex Ryan smug fat a** having to explain this and I want picks.

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f**k that.
Why would we let it go? They caused arguably the most dynamic rookie in the 2009 draft to arrive late and he won't be available till week 7 and probably won't be fully effective till later on in the year if at all so why would the 49ers drop the charges? I say we keep on pressing them and whatever happens happens.
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Would you let it go if someone tried to rob your house in the middle of the night and fired a shot at one of your children, but missed?

The intentions were there, and they should be punished for it.
Hey lawyer guys help me out.....

If it was the Jets GM urging Parker to get a deal done quickly, and Parker rushed the contrct do to that and negotiated a contract that was somewhat harmful to Crabtree, doesn't that mean that he put the interests of a third party above the interests of his client.

Isn't this a conflict of interest? Is this not grounds for Parker having his NFL agent rights revoked?
No, did the Bears let it go away when we supposed tampered with Briggs and they re-signed him, NOPE, i say get them JETS, and lets get a pick from them, even if its a 3rd, its worth it.
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