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Peter King says Jerry Rice is not the best WR in history

Anything>Peter King. Suck it loser.
Don f**king Hutson? Now I've heard it all. They don't call JR the GOAT for no reason. This just in, Peter King snorting crack cocaine daily.
He just wants to be different and crown someone he never got the chance to see play.
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Anything>Peter King. Suck it loser.
Originally posted by Chief:
Peter King is some fat moron that got raped by a priest and won a gray streak.


Who cares?

People Read Sports Illustrated still? Hell after the Mike Price / Alabama Debacle I thought everyone gave that crap ass rag up...
The only thing good about SI is the swimsuit edition
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Peter King is an a**.
at the start of the 2008 season king was saying the rams were going to be playoff team...he is a tool
Hutson was a great player. King's reasoning is flawed though.

His logic is that he was a star on both sides of the ball, on was the best by far in the first 30 years of the NFL. His assertion is flawed, though.

You see, Rice is a player that changed the game. Guys that do that are once in a generation type figures. Guys like Jerry, Joe, and Ronnie changed the game with their ability...and that simply cannot be said about Hutson. His effect on the game was not as significant.
Jerry owns all! Flash 80 above and beyond everyone else! Cause he was that damn good!

I take anything that sports writers put in print in stride. They're there to print stories and give opinions and for the most part, their opinions are usually biased.

I don't think that this Peter King has ever played a lick of football and so he's just basing his decision strictly by his own opinion.

However ESPN had a panel of EXPERTS, football players, coaches, etc vote on this same issue and they all came up with Jerry Rice as their number one.

The panel consisted of these people: Raymond Berry, Boyd Dowler, Mike Holmgren, Ken Houston, Warren Moon, Keyshawn Johnson and Ted Thompson helped evaluate the best wide receivers in NFL history.

So, who would you give credence to? This ding dong or the panel of experts?

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Peter King: pot stirring, attention whoring, stupid spurting DOUCHE.
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B650 says that Peter King is not the best writer in history.
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