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Allen Rossum Released [Update 11/01]

oh well, no use crying over spilled talent. Hope he does well with whichever team is smart enough to swoop him up. Which I'm sure he will.
Originally posted by matt49er:
Thank God this guy SUCKS NOW! We have plenty of guys to return kicks and this move can keep J.Hill on the roster. I think if we're going to keep Spurlock on the roster we should give him a shot at PR/KR. Keep Walker back there and give Clements a chance or 2 per game.

I thought this was the whole purpose that Spurlock was on the roster to return kick's
after seeing Walker & Battle returning kicks i rather have this guy doing it.
good move
Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
Originally posted by Esco:
I'm curious as to why we haven't seen Spurlock back there seeing that it was the only thing he did well in Tampa, in fact he was the first and only player in Yucks history that has returned a kickoff for a TD.

yeah, i asked that same question earlier. i remember playing with him in one of the madden moments on madden 09

he's to valuable to the organziation as the tazer qb!
Rossum must have done something to get in the dog house. He is better than battle and walker in return duties. Maybe battle and walker are better in practice or something.

Why are spurlock and robinson still on the squad if there value is on special teams?

Rossum would have had a TD except for a block on the back penalty. Battle and walker have yet to make the first man miss.
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Originally posted by HessianDud:
as inconsistent as Rossum has been this year, it should have been spurlock.

i love understand why the coaching staff loves this guy

uh, you mean you want to understand why they love him?

Spurlock surviving the roster cut reeks of Jerry Sullivan and Jimmy Raye favoritism.
Im sorry but based on what ive seen from the rest of the "return men" we shoulda kept Rossum!! Lewis is prolly going on IR because he cant really risk anymore concussions at this point.. dont like the move at all!!
maybe Rossum is more injured than is being said? we need to put Crabtree back on punts and occasionly Clements. Kicks we need to go with Spurlock or bring up Sheets.
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Thanks Rossum!
I'm not one of these sheets lovers, but i do think he would be a good kick returner.
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I think Rossum was our best return man.

Rossum is the best return man on our team. Battle can't catch, Spurlock isn't that good and Walker's a freking TE. Can you name one other team that has a TE returning kicks? We better draft all o-line and speed next year (and a safety).
Should have sent rossum, spurlock, bruce packing at the same time. And let Roman drive them all home.

Put sheets in there, or Jason hill.

What the hell has Mrob done this season? i dont think he has done much at all?
Stupid, we should've just put Lewis on IR since he shouldn't play for a while anyway instead of dumping our best PR and KR. Who else is going to do it, Walker and Battle suck at it? Spurlock? He's not as good as Rossum.
I knew it. The one person that is contributing less.
This pisses me off! I really liked Rossum. He always knew where his holes were and would get those extra 5 or so yards that Delanie "I'll just run into people" and Arnaz Stonehands can't get.

This really makes me mad. I would always scream ROSSSSUMMMMMMMM everytime he was returning!

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