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49ers favored 10 points against STL

Originally posted by JoseCortez:
I hate to be negative, but isnt this the same 2-14 Rams team we had problems with last year where we needed a last minute heave from Hill to Morgan for the comeback?

It's also the same team we stomped out at home 35-16 and the beating was worse than the score suggests.
Originally posted by kidash:
Originally posted by DarthNiner:
I'm predicting a 27-6 score.

Anyone know the over/under?

Too high.... 27 - 3 is more like it...

- 98

35-10, NINERS!
Last year, we weren't playing a desperate winless team. Include a division rival and 10 points may be too much. However, if we are up 10-0, I can see Singletary close the passing game completely and have us winning 10-0.
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Originally posted by 49ersMan420:
Originally posted by nflguy49:
Respect from the media?

The Rams have sucked so far this season. I doubt many teams wouldn't be favored by 10 points vs the Rams.

Rams season so far..

Rams vs Seahawks- Rams lose 28-0

Rams vs Redskins (yeah, the same redskins team that lost to the Lions last weekend). Rams lose 9-7

Rams vs Packers : Rams lose 36-17

After that start to the season they have now lost their starting qb and best wr.

lets break this down.

we beat seattle, they got destroyed and shutout by seattle.

we beat a much better redskins team on the final game of last season, they lost to an even worse one 2 games later.

and so far i think were playing better football than the green bay packers. and the packers walked into STL and beat the stuffing out of them.

now i dont want to jinx anything, not that i beleive in that anyways, but i think were angry about having a win taken away from us in Minny, and we take it out on the Rams big time.
bet the farm.

niners are gonna DESTROY the rams.
Lets not forget we could have easily lost to this team the last time we played them. I expect a win and a convincing one. But it is a division game and anything can happen.
Originally posted by B650:
Well, we beat Seattle 23-10. Seattle beat St. Louis 28-0.

I don't see how this is going to be a close game. A pissed off 49ers team at home against the Rams...this could get ugly.

That really means nothing comparing that way. It's about match-ups, although I feel we should smash the Lams.
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24-13 49ers win!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to the game. Enjoy some food, beer and, oh yeah, a good old fashioned bu** whipping of the Rams. Nothing brings more joy than a dominant one sided victory, especially over a long standing rival.

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