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Out Coached or Out Played?

Out Coached or Out Played?

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Great question. I think we were out played. Our offensive line cannot compete with the elite front sevens in the NFL. If we had a great O-Line we convert more third downs and win the game.

i thought shaun hill had enough time during passing plays

our run game sucked, but that has alot to do with the fact teams are run blitzing because of obvious run plays (see morgan block thread)

The run game is unimaginative - yes. But even if we tell the opposition what play we are going to run, we should still execute. And this means we need players on offense that can win match-ups. Pashos/Snyder at RT is a definite weakness.

I think you can maybe get a little better by playing together, but outside of Heitmann and Staley, we have some issues on the O-Line.

True. That said though, Heitmann and Staley got their asses handed to them today s did the rest of the o-line. However, part of that is b/c defenses can EASILY predict the offensive play-calling and can stack the box and play in our backfield ALL game long which makes it appear our o-line and QB is worse then they really are. It's a simple numbers game and we're getting out-numbered and will continue to until Hill is allowed to make audibles.

I agree, the unimaginative play calling does have an effect.

Hill is allowed to audible, though. He wasn't under Martz but he is under Raye. Hill confirmed this in a preseason article.

No kidding? I thought it was confirmed he wasn't allowed to audible esp. in the AZ game. Huh! Have you seen him audible at all? I'll have to go back and check it out. Either way, Single/Raye have REALLY preached him not to lose as opposed to last year under Martz when he was asked to win.
It seemed like the play calling took the niners right out of there groove. Hill was working to VD and killing that match up. Instead of letting Hill continue to do so they just ran the ball right into a brick wall 3 times in a row. At least attempt to get the ball back to Vd or hope he opens it up for another WR. I mean this isn't a offensive machine so when they find a match up to there advantage they shoule have continued to exploit that. This means Raye can't coach properly or he doesn't trust either Hill, or the o line to continue to play well. I think they out coached themselves. Let your qb win the game.
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Out coached. Terrible D on that last play.

It was a good throw and a great catch. nothing more can be said

Amazing the negativity in the zone. Your post is the first that actually means sense. Damn people, we could still have Nowin and you complain about the coaching? Give me a break, we weren't gonna go 16-0!! I see real improvement with this team, we got beat by a good team, on the road, without our best player. Cheer up, it's only week 3!!!!
Did we run any screens at all? It seems like with the amount of pressure teams are putting on us a screen pass should be open all day. Not sure why we don't use it more. That said, I do think a more experienced coach would have managed the clock better, but might not have gotten this team playing together well enough to be in the position in the first place. Coaches did a good job. They should get better just like the rest of the team.
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Out coached. Terrible D on that last play.

It was a good throw and a great catch. nothing more can be said

He never should have had the time to throw it into the endzone. We should have blitzed and made him throw quick and short. I told my friend siting next to me that if he throws in in the endzone it will be for a TD.
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Out coached. Terrible D on that last play.

It was a good throw and a great catch. nothing more can be said

...unfortunately, most folks can't accept a simple answer like that so a bloodletting is required after each and every loss.

Thats a good excuse for 2 super players not old, washed up Favre and that garbage WR that was just signed 2 weeks ago.
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I think this will be a learning experience for Singletary. The man preaches that everyone has to always be working to get better at their craft. It doesn't stop at the players.

The lesson of today's game is that you have to put good football teams away. You can't give a good football team too many chances or it will come back and bite you.

This is going to be an interesting test to Singletary. He came into the season preaching tough football and a run-first offense. We have the toughest team in the league but our run-first offense is sputtering.

Will he have the prowess to change his offensive strategy accordingly? I think he will adjust.
Neither... As someone above said we were Out Lucked.
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I feel we are being out coached especially on offense where the play calling is too predictable.

None of the above it was a lucky play that they won ! no more no less ! move on we got bigger fish to fry the playoffs baby !
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i think we got out lucked. that is all.

You are correct, these guys hating on the team and Roman are just emotional still. Roman did all he could except interfere, he was in good position, had his hand in there and they guy made the tough catch. Sure it is a tough loss, but I think it will bring the team together and we will be even tougher than we have been to this point.

It's not emotions when I am telling my fiance, who is an avid Favre hater as well, that our offense was going to go 3 and out, our defense would get us the ball back and the offense would go 3 and out with just enough time left to allow Favre to comeback before it even happened. Our play calling is THAT predictable.

She was sure we had won, I was sure that we had lost soon as I saw the prevent defense and told her so after the 1st play we were in prevent.
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We went into a loud, hostile environment where we were playing one of the top NFC teams in their home opener and without our best offensive player. They ended up beating us on the final play by throwing a semi-hell mary pass.

We weren't outcoached or outplayed.
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