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Just two Pics...will there be a third after this Sunday?




I hope there are no serious injuries this Sunday.....but man, I wonder what Farvra is thinking.
Patrick Willis is going to light it up. I bet my loved one on that.
is that really hasselback?
Originally posted by teeohh:
is that really hasselback?

Yep, I think he posted that on his twitter page. "Hey guys, doing great...doc said I will stop pissing blood next week."
Originally posted by teeohh:
is that really hasselback?

It looks like his broke-down ass.
man it feels good to finally be busting up oppenents qb's, and not the other way around
I can see it now AP will be next the caption will read(what'd you say Willis?) LOL
Shaun hill's hand looks weird in the pic.
Kurt Warner is giving hin the F*&$ $@* look. Definitely doesn't look like a show of respect. LoL at the Cards.

Go Niners!!
Hill looks like Ricky Bobby...

Switch the home and away jerseys, and reapply:

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I hope Man Law comes off the edge and drills favre. Breaking his back. Karma for all the misery he caused.
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Originally posted by Afrikan:


i love our away jerseys
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