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Are the Niners for real?

Are the Niners for real?

We will discover the REAL Shaun Hill this weekend against Vikes...Stay Tuned!
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Ask Kurt Warner or Matt Hasselbeck, after the doctor has looked them over, if the Niners are for real.

Ask Whisenhut or Mora, who are both looking up at the Niners, if the Niners are for real.

Ask Willis or Gore, after the club endured Singletary's TC, if they feel "lucky" to be 2-0.

2-0 is real. The facts don't lie. For the first time in a very long time, this club is earning R-E-S-P-E-C-T around the league. I want to hear Aretha singing at the 'Stick.

if this, if that, blah blah blah. we are playing a for real team this week and watch what happens, i'm not seeing good things....

The same sh*t a good portion of Niner Talk said about the Tards. We play several FOR REAL teams this season. Feel free to be negative. The facts is this, they have a good pass rush and run defense - so do we. They have problems protecting the QB - so do we. Their secondary is suspect - not ours. They have better a QB, who at times, makes BIG mistakes with the ball. Our QB, while not Farve, is not a risk taker and makes very few mistakes. They have the best running back in the league. We have one of the best running backs in the league and the best LB - who specializes at hurting people.

I like our chances.
The temptation for a reality joke looms large like a slowly pitched softball.
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The temptation for a reality joke looms large like a slowly pitched softball.

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It appears no one can see what happening here. I think that 9-7 or 10-6 is very attainable this season. We will win some tough games this year that the nay sayers will deem impossible.


yea but say we win the NFC West, how do you see us doing in the playoffs against teams like IDK, the saints, Giants, Cowboys, etc....

Cowboys!!???!!! ... Who said they will even make it?? If the Cowgirls do make it, I hope we play them to to some ass-whoopen!!
It's too soon to tell after just two games. The 9ers definitely have a lot of positives right now, but they also have some problems too. This game against the Vikes should be a very good barometer as to where they are at. Should the 9ers prevail, and I think they have a real good chance of doing so, then the game two weeks later against the Falcons will tell us one way or another if the 9ers are for real.
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