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Why can't we....

Originally posted by Arminini:
Originally posted by brandonjg:
Throw the ball to our receivers???

Josh Morgan has two obismal games. Our 3rd WR is non-existent. Isaac Bruce is the only WR getting targets.

Seems like Shaun Hill isn't seeing the whole field. Morgan is invisible.

Josh Morgan can't do anything if he doesn't get any targets and I can say the same thing about Vernon Davis.


Dont get it twisted. I am happy we are 2-0. I am happy Hill doesn't turn the ball over.

But what is your reason for the lack of WR production (not just this year, the last several years)?

Unless you have access to the coach's tape, how do you know if the receivers are getting the separation necessary? I saw Hill take a few coverage sacks today, which may mean receivers are not getting open. This might be a good question to ask the 9ers beat writers.

Did you not watch football last year? I believe we let the league in 20+ yard receptions with Martz last season. It's the plays being called not the route runners, they got open last season and nothing has really changed. friends?

....all get along?

....find Bin Laden?
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
I'd like a more aggressive offense. I did feel that we were a little bit predictable but I guess that is also what sets up the playaction.

The thing that bothered me is that the medium to long passing game seems fairly non-existant. Granted, we haven't had to dig deep to win since Gore and the short passing game has come through for us but i would like to see Raye open up the playcalling a little more.


I would like the offense to become a bit less predictable, but I will take these wins right now until we have to change how we are winning.
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