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Defensive post-game analysis (Week 2 vs. Seahawks)

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Playing very well.

However, disclaimer coming:
This team has been very fortunate the last two weeks. The Cards were really banged up at WR last week, and this week, the Hawks missed their All-Pro LT all game and starting QB in the second half.

So, while the defense looks really good so far, I think we are playing against teams running at half-speed right now. Next week will be a big challenge.....if the Vikings come in healthy. Maybe we'll get lucky for a third straight week.

One final note on the offensive side: The Hawks were also missing their best DT, Brandon Mebane, who was out. On both of Gore's TD runs, they ran right over his area, in the middle of the line. Excellent game planning by the team, but also very fortunate the opposition was missing a key piece.

in my mind, it's ridiculous that people even expect Walter Jones to not only suit up, but play like a HOFer, he's so banged up and old now. The Seahawks have a bunch of old, injury prone dudes. They paid for it.

Maddog. I see your point. They missed Mebane, however, the Cole- Mebane combo would have been the weak spot as well, right up the gut. Cole is a backup, not a starter. A case can be made for them missing Barnard with Mebane at the 0 tech. Truth be told, Seattle has weak run d, even with Mebane in there. He's good, but he ain't no Marcus Tubbs, and he was moved from his o tech spot this year, so who knows how that would have translated on the field today.

Injuries are part of the game, there is no "luck" about that, it's a given. Seattle has had these run stuffing issues brewing for quite some time...we saw it exposed when the Pack ran all over their ass in the playoff's a few years back, and it hasn't been resolved since. They really need a big run stuffer, have for a few years now, Cole is probably not going to cut it, and Bryant hasn't developed into that role yet.

Your comment about "getting lucky for the third straight week" is weak, those guys are busting their balls out there, flying all over the f**king place. Or, is that luck too?

It's so stupid to say that a team wasn't healthy. Being healthy is a measure of how good of a team you are. If you're good players always get injured and miss games, that means you aren't that good!
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All's I have to say is that Spencer has been playing lockdown lights out and CB so far.
I at all the minimizing of our wins that most of the fans on this site demonstrate...Sea. was injured especially in the middle, AZ WRs injured, so what?

We took advantage as winning teams do. As far as the defense, take a look at the game. We did apply pressure. Sure, not as consistent against AZ which was an away game nonetheless. The bottom line is that we stopped their running game. We were successful shutting down the 3rd down conversions. We made an interception when Manny almost had a sack. It really isn't about the sacks when you still can apply pressure. We are.

We are third in the league against the run, the primary scheme that Minny loves to run. I believe that we will plan a strong game against the run and apply the pressure against whatever Favre gives us. We have two weeks worth of tape with the Vikes and last year with the Jets. The bottom line is that this team knows how to stop the run and they will prove it again next week.

It's Favre that scares me as he's torched us before. However, he's hasn't faced a tenacious, vicious D like ours IMO. C'mon now, the Lions and Browns? Yea, sure you are right! That is ridiculous! Now, that team is going to face one that doesn't give up, fights for every inch, and in the fourth comes at you like its the first.

The key for the D is for the O to get Gore going early while offsetting his impact with Davis. Davis could have a big game next week if Raye uses Minny's pass rush as a catalyst to push quick screens and hot reads down their throat.

The talent is there. The drive is there. To me, this game is going to be more about accurate play calling than execution because we need to take what Minny gives us. Being stubborn away is not necessarily a good thing. Instead, take a page from Walsh and setup the run with the pass.

This game seems more apt for that kind of game plan to neutralize Jared Allen and friends.

This game will have us turn the corner with the Rams staring us in the face at home. Oh yea, I am liking this kind of party!!!!

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I could've sworn, 3 weeks ago, Nate Clements was the worst Cornerback in the league. Now he's Top 5 again... How's the weather? Fair, would you say?
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Pass-rush and pressure was inconsistent, can't believe the DB's played well with it.

We had one sack, they had 4. And did we have any more pressures save for the very end of the game? Not good at all...we should have T'd off today on both Hasslemyback & Wallace. No excuses.

PS: Our secondary IS our front 7 (again). Need proof? TBC was good with NE before coming here. He sucks with us. He goes back to NE and leads the team in sacks and QB pressures. SCHEME IS KEY! We have legit concerns and these weaknesses WILL be exploited by good teams in the very near future.

Is Tully Banta "Spin Move"Cain leading the Patriots in tackles and pressures. Wow! He couldn't wrap up a gift when he played here, never the less a running back.
Originally posted by irief:
All's I have to say is that Spencer has been playing lockdown lights out and CB so far.

Im hella proud of Spencer, comeback player of the year for the Niners IMO.
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Originally posted by verb1der:
Originally posted by irief:
All's I have to say is that Spencer has been playing lockdown lights out and CB so far.

Im hella proud of Spencer, comeback player of the year for the Niners IMO.

Yeah, I'm

HELLA proud to. LOL.

I haven't heard that work since I was going to Junior High in Northern Cali.
What I have read about our defense:

1. Training camp has given them the stamina to play the whole game at a high level.
2. They are physical enough that teams are getting hurt playing us.
3. By the 4th quarter we are stronger than the other team and the other team is wearing out physically and mentally.
4. Run defense has been stout through the whole team.
5. Sacks may be low but we are still getting enough pressure on the QB to not let them get into a rhythm.
6. With Goldson in the line up we have speed at the FS position. We already have 100% more turnover productivity by Goldson than two years of Roman.
7. We have a good set of DBs - Spencer, Clements, Brown, Bly - Experience and youth.
8. We are playing as a team.
9. Sop, Franklin, Smith, McDonald, Balmer, and Evans are playing as a team. Balmer is developing. Balmer put in the work with Smith and it appears to be paying off. Sop and Franklin are holding the line.
10. The lbs are holding up well. Speed, strength, and enough pressure to help the backfield.
11. If we shut the run down for Minnesota I think we will get some pressure on Favre, and our DBs can handle the passing game. I would hope 3 interceptions for this game. And I hope for 3-4 sacks.
Not as much pressure as last week, 5-6 times missed holding calls but still need to improve there. We have are awesome agianst the run so hopefully we can contain AP.
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