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How many bums are left on the team?

Originally posted by Nabisko:
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
alex smith is a solid backup quarterback... sims = bum roman used to be a bum but i thought he played okay this preseason so we'll see, he might be upgraded to former bum

hes 100 percent right, i dont see whats so funny.
So are these 2 the only 2 that everybody can settle on? We sure have come a long way if these are the only 2 on the team that everybody feels are "Bums".
Originally posted by excelsior:
I can see how fortyninerglory concludes that Sims is subpar. But how can he conclude that Alex is not worthy of remaining on this team, let alone conclude that he couldn't even become its starter?

In Sims' case, he has played a great deal the last two years, and we can see what he does. But last year, Smith played during the preseaason with a defective shoulder that needed another surgery. He obviously did not play all last year. This year, his total play in the preseason was less than the equivalent of a full game. How can one reach this conclusion with such certainty?

As we look around the league, there were a number of superb QBs who played ordinary games last week, making plenty of bad passes. Indeed, many played every bit as bad as Smith has played in the past.

Alex is older and wiser now than he was when he was injured two years ago. The WR talent on the team is probably better now. He never had a Bruce or Morgan to throw to. Given time to knock the rust off and a chance to acquire some sorely-needed confidence, I think he might even be good. But we likely will never get to see.

What he said ........ Stop hating and start thinking!
I think it's funny how people call out Alex Smith as a bum yet he's playing a back-up role.. Okay, he was the number one pick and isn't our starter.. Would you guys prefer that he come in prematurely again to lose so you guys can win as the all-knowing, all-seeing bust meters?

The guy is friends with his competition S. Hill, restructured his contract to appease the team for his poor stats, and doesn't make a fuss like others because he isn't starting..

Seems to me like he's being a team player.. Whatever is best for the team he'll go with..

And before anyone calls me homer, please read and understand my points before saying I'm on his nuts.. I just see a guy who is being a team player fellas..
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Nate Clements.
I don't know or care really. but id just like to say that i hate deion sanders with his stupid ass smile, i wanna just punch him in the f**kin face. he said the 9ers desperately need crabtree...err guess not dips**t.

End Rant
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Originally posted by Ether:
Nate Clements.

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Hill, Shaun
Hudson, Marcus
Roman, Mark
Robinson, Michael
Sims, Barry
Smith, Alex
Spurlock, Micheal
Taylor, Curtis
Snyder, Adam
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Alex Smith, Barry Sims, Michael Robinson (as a RB ), Mark Roman.

Originally posted by Ether:
Nate Clements.

I think its hard to call a back up a bum so ill stick to the starters that should be back-ups

Shaun Hill and Adam Snyder are all I can think of. Everyone else seems average or above.
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I don't think that anyone that survived Singletary's training camp should be called a bum. There are more likely to be bums posting in this thread, imo.
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Originally posted by fryet:
I don't think that anyone that survived Singletary's training camp should be called a bum. There are more likely to be bums posting in this thread, imo.

Yea surviving a Singletary Training camp. That's all it takes.
Originally posted by billybonka:
Alex Leaf, Sims, Roman

whens the last time alex smith played poorly when he was healthy?

the answer is the rookie season he should never have played in.

solid 2006. solid 2-1 start to the 07 season, been injured ever since. if you want to call him injury ridden, fine, but dont call him "Alex Leaf" because he isnt Tom Brady. he never got a fair shake and you know it.
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