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The Handsome Meter: Hill vs Smith

The Handsome Meter: Hill vs Smith

Originally posted by Blitz:
This thread does not belong anywhere in the zone. Epic fail.

I like to think they're both equal in their sessyness.
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winner winner chicken dinner
Worst thread ever
Well i guess this guy is thinking.......

Originally posted by AKfanster:
Worst thread ever

i was gonna say gayest post ever, but that is cliche
well, thus far, smith has had the most action f**king this team, so im gonna go with him.

Originally posted by Hctr:
Originally posted by Dino:
Originally posted by JoseCortez:



gayest post ever and youre justifying all of the gay stereotypes about san fran. you have failed horribly and everyone that read this post is now stupider from reading your post. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul
The gayness is high in this thread.


SOME people here have way too much time on their hands if the only thing they can think to post about HERE, is this kind of drivel.

And people go on a toot about what and how I post?

Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Alex Smith by far, but I wouldn't invite him over to f**k my sister cause Shaun Hill is undefeated at home.

if shes hot, you can invite me lol
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