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NFL Game Rewind

Do any of your guys have NFL Game rewind?

If so what are the features?

Can I download a game?
Can I burn a game to DVD to archive it?
I have it...I got it for 39.99 for the whole season...

You can watch all the 2008 games including playoffs and Superbowl. They are all archived on the NFL game rewind site.

All 2009 games will be available usually 1 hour after the game has been aired on TV.

You can't download any of the games. The games are streamed to you in HD quality but the quality actually also depends on your download speed.

I like it cause I get to watch all the niner games over and over or go to certain parts of the game that i wanna watch again.
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^^ what he said. It seems like a nice alternative to sunday ticket if you cant afford ST. Quality is pretty good, but you need at least a 2.0 Mbps internet connection.
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