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the nfl sucks right now!

it sucks right know bcuz all of us and america knows that the two teams out there were tampering with are draft pick and there not doing anything about it.. i would just feel alot better if they would just say we are going to get to the bottom of it. and not let it blow over. goodell hasn't even asked deion about the two teams. that right there would be suspect of enough to be investigated for tampering.. right? but nothing yet after two days.. what the hell. really i just want to know who were the two teams that contacted us about him. and i know most of the zoners what to know also.. and why haven't the niners done anything about it? what are they a big p*$$y. hopefully we will know something about this in the next few days.. if not its fu@k up. by the way just give him a deal for 7 years worth 35 million and 26 and real money.. just pissed off right know.
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