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SI blog on niners

Originally posted by ninerfreak:
i get what you're trying to say and i do agree with you.....until the team finds a franchise QB's same story every year

I hate to sound like a noob but trading for Jay Cutler sounds real good right about now. Call him a cry baby or what you will, but the guy instantly puts us in the running for the division. Right now, we only have a punchers chance at it.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
"It's also sad because if this team had a quarterback, it'd be a playoff team."

Agree 100%!!!!! Teams are just gonna load the box this season since they know we can't throw the ball. Same s**t that's been going on for 6+ years now. GET A MUTHAf**kIN QB!!!!

and an OLine that can protect the QB
I don't even care the article said I just loved those pics of the girls.
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Man.....I just love a good cheerleader pic...a.bunch......wait....their were wordz?
lol you thought the words were long descriptions of the pics?
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