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Your choices at WR going into the later part of preseason..

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Just going off of who has impressed, what I expect, and who I expect we keep and cut..

1. Morgan - Has only a few receptions this season, but we all know that this kid WILL take over, and most likely have the best season for a WR for us this year.

2. Bruce - Bruce was our #1 last season, and should do fine as the #2. Still has the potential to have around 50 receptions 600+yds. great mentor for the younger guys.

3. Battle - Has seen some alot of action at the slot. Battle was our #2 in 06 behind Bryant, so I dont see why him being our #3 or 4 hurts us in any way.

4. Hill - The guys was probably our best WR and had that connection with Shaun going into the last quarter of the season. Hill stays, and I see him being our #3 for years to come.

5. Jones - Has been hurt, and I think will miss the first few games of the season. Jones was looking very good in camp, before the injury. Will make his way up the depth chart when hes healthy.

6. Crabtree - I know we are all dissapointed that he hasnt been signed, we havent seen him play AT ALL, and that hes being "diva" like and stubborn. When Crabs is signed and practicing, I still see him coming in and contributing at some point in the season, and impressing so much that he starts probably during the second half of the season..
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Those would be my 6

Think Battle has been playing Flanker though, backing up Bruce

Once Jones comes back i think he will move quickly up the DC into the #3 spot
Those would be my six also.
a few weeks ago it seemed like Hill would be the odd-man out, but I haven't seen anything from Spurlock or Zeigler to justify ditching him.

I'm still interested in Spurlock, but as of right now, I think you're list is spot-on.
Originally posted by dobophile:
Who's Crabtree?

"Crabtree" is not really a person, more like an idea or theory.
what really pisses me off about Crabs is how he said, "I always wanted to be somewhere where im wanted, and the 49ers wanted me." and on that road to the draft show he said about the injury, "I just cant wait to get on the field, PROVE to everyone." then having Jerry and Dion surrounding him and Jerry said hes surrounded by the rite people and theyre gonna work and crispen up his route running, you would think after all the said he would come out and just PLAY!!!

but after all this, i think hes gonna come in and rip s**t up!!! I just know it!!!.. arguably the best WR prospect to come out of college..
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Yup, those seem like the six who will stick.
Originally posted by HessianDud:
Originally posted by dobophile:
Who's Crabtree?

"Crabtree" is not really a person, more like an idea or theory.

we govern ourselves, like luxemburg, ya dig?
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