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49ers on tonight????? Doesnt look like it??

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Originally posted by DonJulio:
I dont get it, why is there a thread every week where someone in the Bay Area wonders if the game will be on?

Local channels have carried every...single...Niner game--preseason or regular--for the entire existence of my life.

You're obviously correct, but Direct TV was listing the Chargers against the Falcons at 5:00 pm on channel 5 tonight and not the 9ers game. I saw that and I knew it must be wrong, but I checked channel 5's online programing to be sure, and of course they're showing the 9ers game and not the Chargers game. You can blame this one on Direct TV (it still lists the Chargers game) and scared fans.
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I think this has all been settled now.
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