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Im a huge Shaun Hill fan. But is it because Im impressed with his gameplay, or rather because Im so disgruntled with Alex Smith ? Id like to say that Hill has the ability to lead this team, make decent plays, get us more wins. But then again, how much of that success was based on Mike Martz's offensive genius and NOT on Hill's innate ability to quarterback ? Setting aside the homerism, lets compare Hill to the other starters in our division. If you had Hasselback, Bulger, or Warner on this team.....would any of you give Hill a fighting chance to be starter ? Probably not. But stacked up against Smith, Hill looks like Montana reincarnate.

Our receivers are a joke. Saying you have a deep receiving corp just because you have 25 receivers on your roster does not necessarily mean you are "deep". Asides from the aging Bruce, none of these guys are proven.....and only 2 have shown "glimmers" of playmaking ability. You know what "glimmer" of playingmaking ability gets you on other rosters ? Punt return duty. Consider our trio of stars, and ask yourself how far down the depth chart would they be if they were playing in Arizona, Seattle, or even St.Louis ? Not really quality material, is it ?

So, when its all said and done.........we get to our great running attack. Since Master Singletary let it be known that he wants us to be a run first team, along with the fact that we did absolutely nothing to upgrade our QB/receiving group in the offseason, we've pretty much set ourself up for disaster. We've told the opposition to stack the box each and every play, gang bang our backs, and hope that Hill can pull out a rabbit out of his hat on 3rd down situations.

Yes, I know that a lot of you think that preaseason is baseless. We ALWAYS run a vanilla offense/defense during this period of play (of course, we light it up during the season right ?). But you would think that IF we wanted to portray a heavy run set this season, we'd try to show other teams during the preseason how balanced we are by throwing it up a few plays. Instead, we've basically instilled into our opponents minds to not even bother scheming against the pass. Our success will depend totally on Gore's ability to run the ball against a line stacked with defensive bodies. Oh, and thats with our suspect o-line.

I gotta tell ya.......Singletary sure has the fire, but what exactly is he trying to do as coach ?
There is some truth to what you said but at the same time you exaggerated some stuff. shaun could easily be the 2nd or 3rd best qb in this division. bulger has sucked the last 2 years when he has been healthy. the only reciever thats any good on that team is donnie avery and he wouldnt start for us. hasselback sucked balls last year and has a messed up disk in his back, now theyre 2-3 starters down on the oline. we have the best defensive player in the division. hill did a good job even with hostloser at qb.
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