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I am now realizing , tell me if u agree or disagree

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relax bro shaun hill has thrown what? 6 passes?
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Originally posted by eddy99_1999:
I keep hearing its preseason and it doesn't matter , actually it does to me because our starters could not spread the offense but our 3rd and fourth strings really didn't have a problem going down the field in the air

Dude relax...I dont even think sure handed I.B.88 has even had a single catch. No need to worry at all about our wide outs. 1st off the wide outs are going to be like raye said the qb will be... 2nd to frank. hell for the recivers they might be forth behind the te's. They wont be yhe focal point btw but in time u'll see thme come alive. But we'll be fine at reciver... Trust me noooo need to worry
Its taken you this long to realize our WRs are just average??????

Face it we need Cabtree

People dont want to admit the truth that our beloved team isnt that good
Perspective on our WR:

We saw Bruce for 1-3 series? Morgan continues to impress and show that he should be the second receiver. While I thought Battle would get cut he continues to show that he has the ability to separate and get open. Spurlock has been a pleasant surprise and may deserve a spot. In the Raider game our WR were going against IMO best CB in the NFL which allows the Raiders to double the other WR. Because we are playing straight up going to be hard to make catches. Remember these guys are doing 2 a days, there tired, legs feel heavy after running 5-10 plays, its hard to go all out and get excited about a preseason game.

I really thought Hill was going to up his game instead he has been silent this pre-season. Z has had flashes of brilliance but the last 2 weeks nothing which means there are some serious inconsistencies going on. While Battle has done better then I thought if Hill or Z would play to there potential they would be far superior to Battle making our WR corp very strong instead we have 3 players that are getting it done but if Bruce, Morgan or Battle go down at this time IMO our WR corp play drops significantly.

Our starting WR are NFL quality and I believe that Morgan is going to have a bust out year especially if VD continues to catch the ball like he has in pre-season and our running game continues to mature. We lose Morgan or Bruce due to injury then we have serious problems at WR and other teams will play our WR straight up and be able to put 8 in the box against the run. Z and Hill have to step it up especially Hill who has tremendous physical talent but appears mentally out of it.
I am now realizing that this will essentially be the same team from last season that will be playing for at least the first 8 games of this season.

Let's review shall we?

Brandon Jones -

His history from TENN was that he was an injury risk and but we signed him regardless and ends up injured in camp. Signed to help boost the WR corps and add a deep threat dimension to the team. Result? Out at least 6 weeks.

Marvel Smith -

Signed to help start at ORT and provide depth but as a STARTER. He was beat out by Snyder, not because back problems due to recurring injury were too much to overcome. Result? Retire.


So the question marks from last season, WR depth, pass-rush and starting depth particularly at the OL have even greater questions as we enter the season. What's even more concerning, is that the 49ers still have issues with a pass-rush and the only areas that were bolstered through the draft were already strong - RB.

I am now starting to realize if last years team will be "better" simply because a number of players now have another year behind their belt. What must happen now without question and even more so because of recent events:

1) NO MORE INJURIES can occur on the OL unless we sign someone significant regardless of who's running. This may mean Davis will again be relegated to in-line blocking rather than receiving which alters the whole offensive philosophy.

2) The WRs MUST step up. We know about Bruce but Morgan/Battle/the #3WR have to step up and play very well taking pressure off the now questionable OL who will NEED a passing game to take at least some pressure off the running game.

3) The pass-rush will need to show up AT LEAST on 3rd down at least few times a game. The 49ers offense have too many questions currently to be able to get into a shoot-out with offenses.

Just would like to get your reactions fans!

Go Niners!
Originally posted by jogr49:
Originally posted by eddy99_1999:
I keep hearing its preseason and it doesn't matter , actually it does to me because our starters could not spread the offense but our 3rd and fourth strings really didn't have a problem going down the field in the air

Don't worry. You are just starting to realize this team is no good again this year. The hype of the new season is dying down and you realize that this team has no pass rush, no QB, now an OL problem and will be very predictable with the power running approach. Sorry for the negativity again, but the tough love approach of Singletary will go only so far.

My best hope for this season is that Niners low ball offer Crabtree this week and he sits out season. What a diva loser he is.

Damn bro, way to go out and shoot old yeller...I'm so depressed after this post
Maybe if the Niners organization took care of football business the way it should be, (ie: cutting ties with that sad sack A Smith) the posts would not be so depressing.
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Originally posted by 9ermex:
relax bro shaun hill has thrown what? 6 passes?

In three games?
Im watching this dallas game and i think im right bout this post
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