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Why do we have to use the stupid michael crabtree thread???

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You mods are trippin. The "Was it a mistake to draft Michael Crabtree" thread is full of garbage and nonsense, and all types of B.S. Sometimes we are not talking about the subject of michael crabtree being a mistake. Maybe we want to talk and compare him to another player. So you little cyber bouncers need to give us a little more leeway in talking about matters. If I'm not mistaken you have a button that says "post new topic" and not "just post to one of these other topics that we have cause we're too lazy to keep track of all the threads" buttons. I'm sick of you mods trying to act like dictators. I bet i'll get a warning or a ban even just for writing this down. you guys need to re-evaluate your purpose in this website or learn how to actually do work.
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I suggest you try contacting a MOD instead of posting threads about it.
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