Maybe he wants to be a Cowboy, but they don't want him. They could've drafted him. They didn't need to trade for Roy. He is our guy and he will be very good. People say he hasn't proven anything, well neither have 1st, 2nd or any picks. The rookie money is crazey. Why does Stafford get $41.7 guaranteed money? What has he proven? He has sucked so far. It is what it is. 49ers just need to bump their offer with incentives and get him in camp. Give him 9th money with incentives. How about we pay 5 years, 28.5 mill (18mill guaranteed) and we add 3mill a year for every year he makes the pro bowl. These are hard to reach incentives, but if he is as good as he thinks. The 3 million will be worth it.

He will have a chance to make 5 years, 43.5 mill (18 guaranteed)