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Why Your Team Sucks: San Francisco 49ers (Deadspin Article)

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Why [our] team sucks...apparently

I actually like Deadspin. It offers a nice change of pace...

They've been doing this feature for every single NFL team so don't feel bad. It's all done "tongue and cheek"

This was the franchise that always carried the air of being above the rest of the NFL, acting like their farts smelled like rose petals and honeysuckle.

Well, the tide has turned, you f***s. You thought you were so highfalutin. You thought you were the only franchise that did things "the right way". Well, look at you now. You're homecoming fodder, and you play in a windswept port-a-potty of a s**thole stadium. There's no precious Bill Walsh to make you feel all crazy smart, 49er fans. He's been replaced by a trou-dropping lunatic. And you have one of the worst ownership situations in all of sport. You f**king suck, and you deserve to suck for as long as you have, if not much longer. This is what you get when you act all high and mighty, you f**king pieces of s**t. I'd say more mean thing about the 49ers fans, but they probably stopped following the team sometime around 1999.
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Well that was more of an attack on our fanbase than the team itself imo. kind of random.
I chuckled when i read this:

This was the franchise that taught John Madden how to suck dick. Long before Brett Favre came into the league, Madden was privy to working the 49ers' shaft like he was being paid in platinum bars for it.
Stupid, but funny...
LOL funny stuff.

lol i dont even know how to respond to that
Well, that was interesting...
All that hate, yet still a reminder of the 49ers GREAT past!

Brave. I was gonna post this yesterday, but I feared the wrath of 'Zoners without a sense of humor.
It's good not to take your team too seriously, but that's a bit too far for me. It kind of reminded me of a Jim Rome caller rant if they were allowed to say F**k at least once in every sentence. I also read the Packers one while I was there, and I love to hate on the Packers, but once again, meh.
Pretty good i read deadspin a few times a week they are all pretty funny
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Brave. I was gonna post this yesterday, but I feared the wrath of 'Zoners without a sense of humor.

I was debating as well...

I'm actually shocked at the response. Maybe my disclaimer in the original post?

Either way, the rest are pretty funny as well. The Detroit Lions one was way too easy though

Gotta love that pic
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From Montana to Young to Garcia, no team was able to transition to new quarterbacks like the 49ers did. Now they have the delightful Alex Smith-Shaun Hill diarrhea combo plate. You people are going to RUIN Frank Gore and Glen Coffee, you know that?

Buwahaha, this part is true
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